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About Umatilla Animal Hospital

Umatilla Animal Hospital was founded in 1976 by Dr. G. D. Manley. Once the office was established and grew into a large mixed animal practice - serving both small and large animals communities. Along the way, Dr. Manley has also included a large variety of exotics in his practice. Below are some of the services available through Umatilla Animal Hospital.


Click to see a larger view of our office xrayWe have a large xray in the office to radiograph small animals in all views as well as thick and difficult views in largeClick to see a larger view of a mobile xray  animals in the Large
Animal Room. We also employ a portable Xray machine that we are able to transport to the farm to xray the large animal in its normal habitat.

Click for a larger view of the ultrasound machineUltrasound
This equipment allows us to observe structures inside the animal such as organs, fetuses, tendon tears, and fluid densities without pain or exposing them to X-rays. This equipment is of utmost importance in early pregnancy diagnosis in the horse.

Click for a larger view of the heart monitor
Surgical Monitoring
This equipment allows us to constantly measure the heart rate, the respiratory rate, the oxygen saturation of the blood and the temperature of the animal automatically.

Click for a larger view of  the endoscopy procedureEndoscopy
This is a piece of equipment that works like a TV camera that allows us to look inside cavities, organs, sinuses, etc., to obtain a greater view and observation of what is really going on inside the animal.

Telephonic Electrocardiography

This method allows us to connect an animal to a portable electrocardiographic transmitter and transmit the EKG of an animal directly to a facility where a staff of Veterinary Cardiologists will interpret the EKG and recommend treatment of the animal.

Click for a larger view of the computer station
Computer Technology
The computer allows us not only to keep all records in an orderly and quickly retrievable manner but allows us to hook up by modem to on-line services of other veterinarians and universities to allow us to research a problem in a more in-depth manner.

Ambulatory Services
The old-fashioned house call hasn't gone out of style. Click here to learn more about our mobile hospital!


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